What Are the Conditions For a Good E-commerce Website

认识电商独立站 品牌化的设计与用户体验 独立站运营与推广 思而科建站解决方案 Target audience: 想建立品牌独立网站的各种企业

How Should I Do E-commerce

How can you do your B2B website well

1.线上贸易发展的趋势与B2B电商前景 2. B2B的电商诉求 – 传统B2B的痛点 – B2B发生了什么变化 – 案例分析 3. B2B电商遇到的挑战 4. 什么是好的B2B电商网站? – 业务模式支持 – 功能支持 – 数据报表支持 – 案例分析 Target audience: 生产制造型企业,经营国内、海外业务的企业

Features of the Funnel with Google

Take a whistle-stop tour through your customer’s eCommerce journey with a spotlight on the Google and web technologies that help you build and measure success. Once there, the average web site doesn’t always deliver a great experience. We’ll look at how to improve that with the Magento ecosystem and identify the highest ROI options for Read more ›

Commerce Conversations – The Opportunity in the Chinese Commerce Market

中国的电子商务继续以每年双位数百分比增长,但在这个竞争激烈平台相对单一的市场,如何能脱颖而出是每个商家都在思考的问题。 Arthur根据多年中国和国际市场各种商场运作的经验,将在本次演讲中浅谈如何营造顾客体检的方向和方法。 Target audience: CMO, CDO, 电子商务经理

Best Practice: B2B strategies for manufacturers in global business

The B2B e-commerce opportunity – focus in Asia and Europe / B2B电子商务机会——聚焦亚洲和欧洲

Prosper after Dark – B2B ecommerce as key to global business / 繁荣后的B2B电子商务是全球业务的关键

Owning Your Customer

In the era of digital, frequently we forgot that the most important key to success is by owning the customer.  Owning your customer means complete control in understanding your customer journey and offering what customer wants.  This talk also discussed the challenges faced by business owner today on how to be dealing with so many Read more ›

How Progressive Web App technology can revolutionize Retail Operations?

Besides its widespread application for front-end development, PWA can bring a whole range of benefits when applied in the administration and operations of business, specifically Point-of-sales system. Target audience: Magento Developers, Merchants